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Acme AC – A Second Opinion

AC repairs can be expensive and unexpected. A number of issues could be the cause for repair such as a burned out blower motor, a leaking condenser coil, or algae in the drip pan. Often you find yourself needing a second opinion, if only to make sure that the repairs are actually what needs to be done.

Acme AC aims for trust with our clients. Unnecessary repairs mean unnecessary costs and we want to avoid that for every single individual we serve. To help with this, here are a few repairs that could be big bucks for simple problems.

Condenser Coil Freezing Up

During the transition from winter to warmer weather, there can be a lot of moisture in the air. This means additional condensation can accumulate on the condenser coil. If the coil is low on freon, then it could possibly freeze up. Additionally, if the air filter has not been changed all winter, excess debris in the filter can cause the air to not move fast enough over the coils. This can essentially create a refrigerator around the coil. Simply letting the coil thaw and then replacing the air filter can eliminate this problem. Make sure you put down a pan in your intake to catch any overflow from the coils thawing.

Blower Not Working

The blower pulls the air into the ducts to be cooled or warmed and distributed throughout the house. Replacing the blower motor can be expensive. Often the problem actually lies with the capacitor that starts the blower. This capacitor has some of the same limitations as rechargeable batteries. Over time, the charge build up will drop until it does not produce enough voltage and amperage to start the blower. Replacing this is considerably less expensive than replacing the blower motor.

The Outdoor Unit Stops Working

An outdoor unit can be thousands of dollars to replace. They are constantly subjected to mother nature’s elements. While an outdoor unit is built for this kind of environment, it still means that any number of problems can arise in the system. More often than not, when the outdoor unit stops working, it is because of two things. The fan’s motor bearings have worn out, or the capacitor that starts the fan motor has stopped working. Most units will shut down the pump inside the system to keep it from overheating if these things happen. Replacing either one of these items is considerably cheaper than replacing the entire unit.