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Heating for Your Health

Are you taking care of your furnace during the winter? The answer to that question may be more important than you think. During the winter, we spend more time indoors …

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Prepare Your Furnace

Your furnace has been sitting dormant all summer because in Texas, just thinking about it during the summer can raise the temperature in your home. The cooler months are fast …

Carbon Monoxide Detector

A Primer on Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide is a carbon atom and an oxygen atom with three bonds between them. One interesting property is that it’s flammable. In fact, we used it in combination with …

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Help, My Furnace Is Broken

Winter is descending upon your home and the temperature is dropping quickly. You turn your thermostat to heat and set it to a reasonable 72 degrees. You wake the next …

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Gas or Electric Heating Pros and Cons

Electric furnaces are less expensive than a gas furnace. They also are easier to install making them an excellent choice if you are not is colder climates.