Ductless mini split

What Is A Ductless Mini Split Anyways?

If you own a home or have ever lived in a duplex or other multi-room dwelling, then you know that there is always that one room that is hotter than the others. It could be that the sun hits a corner of the house just right. Maybe there was some remodeling in the rooms but the ductwork was not updated. No matter what, the room that does not get the climate control it needs is there.

The solution to the problem has been either new ductwork or a very ugly window unit. New ductwork can be an excellent solution and is generally considered the best but sometimes the convenience of a window unit is too tempting. I think we can all agree window units are ugly, and sure they get the job done, but they take up an outlet and hang out your window. They also can create their own problems with improper drainage and not providing a proper seal for the window they are mounted in.

The ductless mini split.

The ductless mini split is a cross between a window unit and a residential unit. It has an outside component where the compressor and hump live and an inside component where the cooling takes place. They are low profile and do not require ductwork. They also do not take up an outlet or window and can be controlled by a thermostat.


The ductless mini split excels at single room and zone climate control. That means that the room we talked about before can have the additional cooling it needs at a reduced cost and increased energy efficiency. Also, let’s say the family is headed to bed. The energy-efficient thing to do would be to have the living room and other areas of the house be at a warmer temperature than the rooms. This would mean you only have to cool the rooms and not the whole house at night.

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