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Prepare Your Furnace

Your furnace has been sitting dormant all summer because in Texas, just thinking about it during the summer can raise the temperature in your home. The cooler months are fast approaching and it is time to start waking your furnace up and making sure it is ready to heat your home.

Now, while you don’t need it, is the perfect time to turn it on and make sure it works.1 If you are running a smart thermostat it might take it a few minutes to warm everything up and fire the furnace. Make sure you let it run for 5 to 10 minutes to make sure everything is working.

Speaking of smart thermostats, most of them can be programmed to adjust temperatures based on the season2. Your thermostat is probably currently letting the house get a little warmer while you are awake and then cooling the house down in the evenings. Well, in the winter you want to have that reversed. Have the furnace keep your house warm, and running it during the day time will help the furnace keep up. Then let it get a little cooler in the house when everyone is snuggled in their blankets.

The next thing to do, though we reiterate this a lot, change your air filter regularly. It can not be stressed enough that a filthy air filter forces your climate system to work harder than needed. Make sure you change your air filter.3

Winter is coming, and though Texas is known for being hot, it can change in an instant and dump two feet of snow on you. Don’t get caught without your heater. Contact us at Acme AC we will gladly inspect your heater and even test for carbon monoxide in your home.

  1. Most furnace failures happen upon first startups during the winter months
  2. It is best to run your AC less during the hottest parts of the day. If you normally keep your AC say at 72 consider bumping it up to 74, 75 during the hot parts of the day. The same goes for your furnace during the cold parts of the month.
  3. They even make smart filters.