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Six Common Furnace Problems

There are six common problems that can plague a furnace.

  1. A clogged air filter can cause the system to work much harder than needed and causes it to lose efficiency.
  2. Most pilot lights are electronic ignitions, but there are still some that have a constant flame. Most systems have safety features in place that will shut the system down if the pilot light is failing. If your system will not even start, this is the first place to look.
  3. Your thermostat is the systems feeler in the environment of your home. It knows what the temperature is, and what temperature you want it to be. If the batteries are low or the thermostat is not properly calibrated, it will never tell the system to start.
  4. In heating mode, the heat exchanger expands. And when the system is not running, the heat exchanger contracts. These small movements over time can cause cracks in the system. These cracks can cause poor combustion of the gas, lower the efficiency of the system, and leak carbon monoxide into the home.
  5. Poor air flow drastically reduces the system’s ability to deliver heated air to the home. This could be due to your air filter, however, there are other factors. Closed vents, leaky ductwork, and a worn out blower can all contribute to poor air flow.
  6. General mechanical problems play a role in any system. If your furnace is old and has not been maintained for a while, it might save you quite a bit of money and some cold days during the winter to have it checked before there is a failure.

Acme AC offers semi-annual maintenance plans to keep your system running year round. With fall quickly approaching, it is time for winter maintenance. Let Acme AC make sure you are warm and safe this winter.