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Winter Allergens

Most people find that spring is the peak allergy season. With pollen and all manner of animals moving about, summer is saturated with allergic opportunities. The winter for some, if not most, holds its own allergy perils. When winter comes and we shut our homes up tight, the cooler weather promotes mold, and in East Texas, winter does not mean less humidity.

When we close our homes up tight, we trap all of the dust mites that are hanging out. We also seal in any pet dander that might have been swept away through an open window. And who doesn’t love a fireplace? Even a little smoke in the house can send most sneezing. These can be a major allergen for some, but the real threat is mold. Mold loves cool, moist and dark places. This means when the temperature is down, mold enjoys its favorite kind of environment.

What to do?

To take care of the pet dander and dust mites, change your air filter often along with regular dusting and vacuuming. This is as simple as it gets.

Mold, however, cannot be as easily removed. Contact Acme AC to learn about the options for obtaining the best indoor air quality (IAQ).

Acme AC will give you a free quote on reducing the allergens in your home. Contact us today.