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Geothermal Heating & Cooling Systems in the Tyler & Longview, TX Areas

Energy costs always seem to climb, and one of the greatest consumers of energy in a typical East Texas home is the HVAC system. If you are considering an upgrade to your heating or cooling system and would like to significantly reduce your long-term energy costs, a geothermal system may be a viable choice. By using the constant temperature of the earth to help heat or cool your home, geothermal systems require less energy than even the most efficient conventional HVAC systems.

At Acme Air Conditioning & Heating, we service and install geothermal heating and cooling systems throughout Longview, Tyler, and the surrounding areas of East Texas. Our certified technicians can help with all your geothermal system needs, from simple maintenance and repairs to complete system replacements.

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What are Geothermal Heating & Cooling Systems?

Geothermal heating and air conditioning systems use the constant temperature of the earth at significant underground depths to help heat or cool your home. They use a heat pump to transfer heat in and out of the ground, through a heat exchanger linked to buried pipes that contain an anti-freeze solution.

In the summer, heat is absorbed from your home and released underground using the anti-freeze solution circulating in the buried pipes, or ground loop, making your home cool and comfortable. In the winter, the anti-freeze solution absorbs heat from the earth and brings it inside to the heat pump. Because very little additional energy is required to provide comfortable temperatures inside, geothermal systems are one of the least expensive ways to heat and cool your home.

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Benefits of Geothermal Systems for Your Tyler Home

Geothermal systems are a mature, proven technology that can provide many years of reliable and energy-efficient service. They offer several benefits, including:

  • Reduced energy usage
  • Lower environmental impact
  • Significantly reduced heating and cooling costs
  • Reliable performance with minimal maintenance
  • Available heating and cooling in one package

At Acme Air Conditioning & Heating, we offer geothermal air conditioning systems to cool your home, as well as geothermal heat pumps that provide both heating and cooling.

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Geothermal System Services in East Texas

If you would like to upgrade to a geothermal system, or you need service for an existing system, our team at Acme Air Conditioning & Heating can help. We offer complete geothermal system services, including:

  • Geothermal system installations, including the heat pump and ground loop
  • Geothermal heat pump or air conditioner repairs, maintenance, and tune-ups
  • 24-hour emergency service for geothermal heating and cooling systems

We have extensive experience with geothermal systems and we can solve nearly any problem you may have, from clogged air filters or broken blower belts to refrigerant leaks and compressor failures.

For geothermal system repairs, maintenance, or installations, contact us today!

Schedule Geothermal System Services in Longview, Texas

Whether you would like to help the environment, or simply save some money on your utility costs, a geothermal heating system can be a great choice for your Longview home. At Acme Air Conditioning & Heating, we can provide fast, professional geothermal heating system installations, and we can keep your system running efficiently with our comprehensive geothermal system services.

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