Heat Pump Replacement in the Longview & Tyler, TX Areas

Is your heat pump having trouble keeping up with the heating and cooling needs of your Longview home? Or is it constantly breaking down? If so, it may be time to consider a heat pump replacement. Most heat pumps can last 10 to 15 years, or more, but high operating and repair costs may make a new heat pump a cost-effective option as your system edges closer to the end of its expected service life.

When it is time for a new heat pump, you can count on our HVAC experts at Acme Air Conditioning & Heating to help you select the best heat pump for your home and provide a fast, professional installation. We serve homeowners throughout Longview and the surrounding communities in East Texas, and our experienced, certified technicians are committed to quality.

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<h2>When to Consider a Heat Pump Replacement</h2>
A new <a target="_self" data-cke-saved-href="">heat pump</a> can be a significant investment, but with the latest advances in efficiency and comfort, it may be practical and cost-effective to consider an upgrade. Heat pump may be a good choice for your home if any of the following apply:
<li><strong>Your current heat pump is relatively old.</strong> A heat pump that is over 10 0r 15 years old will likely not last too much longer, and an upgrade may help you save significantly on utility and repair costs.</li>
<li><strong>It has a SEER of less than 14.</strong> Today’s heat pumps offer a SEER from 14 to over 20, which can significantly reduce your cooling costs. They also offer HSPF ratings from 8 to 10 typically, which can result in cheaper, more efficient heating over the winter.</li>
<li><strong>It requires constant repairs.</strong> As repair and maintenance costs add up, it may be more cost-effective to upgrade to a new system that is reliable and efficient.</li>
<li><strong>It has major problems.</strong> When an older heat pump starts leaking refrigerant from the coils or has a compressor problem, it may be less expensive in the long-term to install a new system.</li>
<li><strong>It performs poorly.</strong> If your heat pump cannot heat or cool your home properly, an upgrade may be the best choice for your overall comfort.</li>
At Acme Air Conditioning &amp; Heating, we can inspect your system and help you determine whether repairs or replacement will be your best option. Our technicians will offer honest, realistic advice, and help you make the best decision for your budget and comfort.

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<h2>Heat Pump Replacement in the Tyler, TX Area</h2>
If you decide to upgrade, our team at Acme Air Conditioning &amp; Heating can provide fast, efficient heat pump <a href="https://acmeac.com/ac-replacement" target="_self" data-cke-saved-href="https://acmeac.com/ac-replacement">replacement services</a>. The process typically involves:
<li>Removing the old heat pump and accessories</li>
<li>Calculating the heating and cooling requirements of your home</li>
<li>Choosing a heat pump with the features and capacity required</li>
<li>Installing the condenser unit, evaporator, air handler, and refrigerant lines</li>
<li>Upgrading the duct and electrical system, if required</li>
<li>Charging and testing the system</li>
We will make sure the system operates efficiently and properly, and we will guide you through the basic operation and maintenance procedures, answering any questions you may have.

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<h2>Schedule Heat Pump Replacement in East Texas with Acme</h2>
When you are ready for a new heat pump, look no further than Acme Air Conditioning &amp; Heating. We provide fast, professional replacement services, as well as comprehensive maintenance and <a href="https://acmeac.com/heat-pump-repair" target="_self" data-cke-saved-href="https://acmeac.com/heat-pump-repair">repairs</a>.

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