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Why Schedule Regular AC Maintenance?

HVAC Maintenance With Acme Air Conditioning & Heating

How important is it for you to stay cool here in Longview? As it so happens, AC troubles and system breakdowns aren’t so uncommon. On average, HVAC systems will require maintenance at least once every year. A suddenly broken AC could leave you without cool air in the dead of summer!

Texas heat is no laughing matter, which is why Acme Air Conditioning & Heating promises only the best AC maintenance services for our customers. We’d like to share with you:

  • The benefits of seasonal AC maintenance
  • What you get with an Acme AC maintenance visit
  • How you can get the best deals for an AC maintenance service

There’s a lot to know about the importance of a well-kept cooling unit, so read on to see how you can fortify your home against unwanted heat.

What Are The Benefits Of AC Maintenance Services?

A functioning AC unit is something you can’t go without here in Longview. With how much we rely on them to keep us cool through the hottest months, neglecting your unit’s health will always lead to trouble.

By scheduling routine maintenance on your AC unit, you can maximize your system’s health while also safeguarding its future. Seasonal maintenance visits can help you by:

  • Boosting your AC’s efficiency
  • Extending your unit’s lifespan
  • Reducing the chance of sudden breakdowns
  • Lowering your unit’s strain on your electric bill
  • Catching issues before they become serious problems

When your system has been given the care it deserves, you can rest easy knowing you’ve staved off potential future issues. These kinds of messes can cost you time, money and comfort, which makes proper AC maintenance such an important investment.

What Does A Routine Maintenance Visit Do?

A professional service visit from Acme Air Conditioning & Heating is just what your AC needs to stay in good health. You wouldn’t neglect an appointment for your own health, so it makes sense to give your cooling system the same courtesy. In time, your unit will thank you!

But what does a maintenance service actually involve? A visit from Acme AC means a comprehensive inspection that will seek out any issues and keep your system in prime condition.

Testing Your AC Systems

A key part of any AC unit maintenance service is testing every level of your system. These complex parts can sometimes be confusing to homeowners, but the team at Acme AC is trained to know what to test. Our experts can make sure every part of your system is working, and if not, then we’ll determine which parts need attention.

Part of the value of a professional inspection is that no stone will be left unturned. If something tested isn’t working, then our team will identify it and present solutions. Some areas of your system that will be tested include:

  • Safety controls
  • Electrical controls
  • Capacitors
  • Thermostat

Your particular cooling system might have a great many different parts, but an inspection from Acme AC will give every piece the proper attention.

Cleaning And Replacing Your Filters

During a seasonal maintenance visit, your service technician will inspect the condition of your air filters. Air filters are responsible for trapping dust, debris and other particles, preventing them from breaching your indoor living spaces. These filters can become clogged with accumulated particles — especially in months of high usage — reducing airflow and system efficiency.

A professional inspection will ensure your filters are replaced and left in good condition. In addition to saving you the hassle of doing so yourself, you’ll get that extra professional touch.

Checking Your Thermostat And Wiring

Your thermostat can be in trouble even when it’s not being fought over by people at home! Our experts will make sure your thermostat accurately reflects the temperature, and that it’s properly programmed and powered. They can also provide recommendations for smart and energy-saving upgrades.

Once past your thermostat, your system’s wiring will also be reviewed. Damages, loose connections and other malfunctions can cost you energy without even being seen. Calling in some professional eyes will make sure these issues are found and resolved. A small wiring problem today could become a much bigger pain later on, so don’t wait!

Reviewing Operating Pressures

Reducing your AC system’s cost is a matter of energy efficiency, which is why our technicians will pay special attention to your refrigerant levels. Every manufacturer has a recommended range for refrigerant levels, and neglecting this can cost you in energy and system damage. Our technicians will make sure your system is on the right track by making changes or fixing any refrigerant leaks.

Jumpstart Your AC System With Services And Discount Deals

At Acme Air Conditioning & Heating, we know that a well-maintained cooling system is the best way to brave our Longview climate. Seasonal visits from our technicians will help you stay worry-free even as the temperatures start rising.

Acme AC provides our customers with prime deals for the best services, which is why we offer 15% discounts with our platinum and gold memberships. We also offer 5% discounts on repairs for senior citizens, teachers, military and first responders. The people of Longview have to look no further than Acme Air Conditioning & Heating for the most reliable AC services, so don’t hesitate to give us a call today!

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