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Heater Repair

When the cold creeps in, call on Acme for 24/7 repairs!

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Longview Emergency Heater Repairs

Finding a reliable heater repair generally isn’t something you want to do last minute. A broken furnace in the middle of a cold night can leave you in a freezing situation where you’re forced to trust the first company you can find that will take the job.

At Acme Air Conditioning & Heating, it’s our goal that the members of our community never find themselves in this situation. When things go wrong and you find yourself in need of the highest quality Longview heating services, we want to be the obvious choice for every HVAC need, regardless of the time of day.

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Most Common Heater Repairs 

Our team has years of combined heater repair expertise under our belts and is eager to use every minute of that hard-earned experience to provide the highest quality repairs possible.

To give our customers an idea of what they might be dealing with when the unfortunate happens and they need heater repairs, here are the most common repairs our technicians find themselves performing in the field.

Thermostat Issues

There’s a reason that fathers worldwide have all been so stereotypically militant when it comes to anyone touching the thermostat.

Acting as the control interface between you and the system, your home’s thermostat wields much power. However, this also means that a simple thermostat issue can present itself as a much bigger problem because it can interfere with the function of an otherwise flawless system.

Filter Issues

All heaters require adequate airflow through the system to function properly. An improperly installed or excessively dirty air filter can cause a system to work harder than normal, greatly affecting its overall efficiency.

It’s recommended by most HVAC manufacturers that you have your filters changed at least every three months.

Ignition System Issues

In gas furnace systems, the ignition system consists of the components that create the spark that lights the natural gas utilized by the system. Without this spark, there is no fire and with no fire, there is no heat.

Blower Motor Problems

The blower motor is responsible for actually forcing the air throughout your system. Blower motor issues can greatly affect the airflow out of your vents or cause your system not to work at all.

Faulty Gas Components

Gas furnaces are built to maintain a steady and predictable flow of gas into the system. This product is designed to combust the gas in a controlled manner to provide heat to the heat exchanger. When these components fail or become damaged, it can lead to dangerous gas accumulations or cause the system to fail entirely.

Pilot Light Problems

Like any natural gas appliance, your furnace maintains a constant pilot light in order to facilitate combustion. This light requires a very specific gas flow and should always remain lit.

24/7 Emergency Heater Repair

As we mentioned above, it’s our goal that our customers are never more than a phone call away from superior heater services. To provide this, our team has gone above and beyond and made the commitment to provide 24/7 emergency heater repair for the community of Longview so that no one ever has to spend a night braving the elements.

For Professionals Who Care, Choose Acme For Your Heater Repair

With 24/7 emergency services and discounts for military members, senior citizens, teachers & first responders, we do our best to make comprehensive HVAC services accessible to everyone here in the community of Longview.

If you feel like you might be dealing with heater issues and want the services of a qualified professional to make sure that your heater is running in tip-top shape, don’t hesitate to contact Acme today!

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