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A whole new AC unit is a whole new world — ask Acme today!

Upgrading Your Cooling System Should Be Easy

Air Conditioning Installation In Longview, TX

When you need quick AC replacement, it can be frustrating to rifle through hundreds of HVAC companies. It’s especially hard whenever companies are booked up for months beforehand, forcing you to wait on essential home services!

Acme Air Conditioning & Heating offers 24/7 emergency services and free estimates for the worst of situations so that you don’t have to wait any longer than you have to.

Great AC installation comes with a guarantee that you won’t have to call again any time soon. Acme offers a 10-year workmanship guarantee, meaning you can trust us to get the job done right the first time. When you’re looking for a new air conditioner, partner with Acme to get the best unit for your home!

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When To Schedule Longview AC Replacement 

Learning that it’s time to replace your air conditioning can be stressful, but replacement is a huge benefit if your air conditioning simply hasn’t been working like it’s supposed to. At Acme, as an American Standard dealer, we’re proud to install the best products for our customers. There are a few signs that your AC is in need of replacement, so when you see these, call us!

Constant Repair

Having to invest in constant repair is a sign that your air conditioning is finally starting to deteriorate. This is because as time goes on, issues such as power cycling, odors and leaks can get worse over time.

This is very similar to cars’ mechanical issues with their brakes or ignition, as constant repair can be a sign of a more severe issue. While it may be a larger upfront cost, AC replacement saves you thousands in repairs over time, making it a cost-effective option.


If you have a unit that is 10 years or older, it may be time to invest in a replacement. This is because as time goes on, more repair and upkeep are needed to keep the unit running, meaning it will cost you a lot more over time. This is also because an AC unit that is over 10 years old uses more energy for less output, making you pay more for much less heating and cooling.

Higher Energy Bills

Larger energy bills are a sign of a low SEER number. A low seasonal energy efficiency ratio, or SEER, means that your air conditioner is going to be using more energy to create less heating and cooling. This goes hand in hand with age, and replacing a machine with low SEER will save you money on energy bills and ultimately give you more control over your home’s temperature.

Call Today For A Premier Air Conditioner Replacement Company!

When you’re looking for trustworthy options for AC installation, there is no one better than Acme Air Conditioning & Heating. With over two decades of service in the Longview and Tyler area, we offer heating and air conditioning experts that you can trust.

We provide services ranging from installation to maintenance to repair, so you can call us for all of your HVAC needs. We offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, and as a local family from East Texas, we dedicate ourselves to quality and superior services to improve your home’s comfort.

Take advantage of our free estimates by calling one of our experts to see if it is time for you to get a replacement.

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