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Is My AC Unit Short Cycling?

What Is A Short Cycling AC Unit?

Has your air conditioner been in a constant cycle of turning off and on but never fully cooling your home? While this may seem odd, this issue can be a sign that your AC unit is short cycling. A short cycling air conditioner signifies there are internal issues within the system.

Sometimes, inconsistent cycles can be sneaky and not clear at first. But with the harsh East Texas heat, homeowners want their air conditioning units cooling their homes when the outdoor temperatures rise. If your Longview home is in need of air conditioning repair, contact our professionals at Acme Air Conditioning & Heating today!

Why An AC Unit Short Cycles

If your unit is having cycling issues, what could be causing it? This issue can occur for many reasons. Our experts are prepared to help you determine what issue is leading to inconsistent cycling. A few causes of incomplete air conditioner cycles are:

  • Clogged air filters
  • Oversized or undersized AC unit
  • Leaking refrigerant
  • Air leaks
  • Inaccurate thermostat readings

Air filter replacements are easy fixes that can be done by any homeowner. An air filter should be replaced every one to three months to prevent clogs and dust build-up. However, any kind of leaks or sizing issues with your system will require our professional assistance.

If your unit has any of these severe issues, schedule AC repair services with Acme Air Conditioning & Heating.

Consequences Of A Short Cycling Air Conditioner

Frequent cycles are a symptom of a problem with your cooling system. It often presents itself before the issue turns into something much more serious. There are consequences to inconsistent cycles if the problem is not resolved quickly by HVAC repairs.

Air Conditioner Damages

Your cooling system will work harder to cool your home when it can’t cycle completely. This problem can cause the system to wear down faster, shortening its service life.

Higher Utility Bills

When your system overworks itself, it may run for longer time frames in an effort to cool your home. Frequent operation times use more energy, which can raise your utility bills as a result.

Room Temperature Issues

A short cycling cooling unit tends to not maintain the same temperatures for each room. When this happens, it can lead to inconsistent temperatures in your home. This issue can compromise your comfort, making your cooling unit less efficient indoors.

How To Spot Signs Of A Short Cycling AC Unit

If you don’t know if your unit is running properly, a few indicators can help you determine if air conditioning repair is necessary. An air conditioner that short cycles will show a few warning signs before the problem progresses.

Unit Turns On And Off Frequently

Since Texas has unpredictable weather, a way to check your system is to monitor how often it cycles. Most cooling systems turn on two to three times per hour, running for 15 to 20 minutes at a time. If you notice the unit operating more than its regular operation, you may need repairs to correct the issue.

Thermostat Is Malfunctioning

It’s best to see if you need to get any necessary repairs on your system. A dirty or unlevel thermostat can affect your system’s operational times. When you schedule a service for your air conditioner with our experts, we can determine if your cooling system is in need of repairs for short cycling.

Schedule AC Repair Services With Acme Air Conditioning & Heating

Handling an air conditioner that isn’t cooling your Longview home is an issue that you won’t have to solve alone. An AC unit that cycles inconsistently is concerning and should be handled as soon as possible.

Settle your worries and fix your cooling unit with Acme Air Conditioning & Heating. Contact us today to elevate the comfort in your Longview home!

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