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Air Conditioner Repair Guide

The summer heat is almost upon us here in East Texas.  Are you finding that your AC unit isn’t keeping up with the rising temperatures? Maybe it’s been quite some time since any maintenance has been performed on your units?  Follow this helpful guide to air conditioning repair to keep your unit in top condition.


Whenever you experience performance problems with your air conditioner, whether it isn’t cooling or isn’t turning on, troubleshooting should be your first step.

service technician air conditioning repairHere are a few air conditioner troubleshooting steps:

  • Check your thermostat’s settings. The thermostat should be set to cooling, and the temperature set a few degrees lower than the home’s current temperature to start a cooling cycle. Make sure the hold or vacation setting hasn’t accidentally been turned on to stop your air conditioner’s operation.
  • Check for power. Make sure your thermostat has power, as well as your cooling unit. Replace batteries in the thermostat if necessary. Ensure the power switch of your air handler hasn’t been turned off (it is located on or near the unit inside your home) as well as the power switch to the outdoor component, if applicable (this is likely positioned on the exterior wall of your home near the unit). Check your home’s electrical panel to ensure the breakers of the circuits suppling power to your cooling system are not tripped, or that fuses are in good shape.
  • Check your air filters. A filter that has become clogged with contaminants can restrict airflow, preventing cool air from coming into your home. It could also cause the cooling system’s coils to freeze up, inhibiting performance. If your filter is dirty, replace it with a new one or clean your reusable filter according to the manufacturer’s directions.

If these air conditioner troubleshooting steps don’t solve the problem, it’s time to call a Acme AC for air conditioner repair.


To prepare for your service technician, make sure your home is accessible. If your exterior air conditioning unit is behind a gated fence, make sure your fence is unlocked for the technician to enter. Your technician will also likely need to evaluate your air handler, typically located with your furnace in the garage or utility closet of your home.

When your air conditioner repair technician arrives, he or she discusses the issues you face with your system. The technician inspects the system and its components to make a diagnosis. The findings are discussed as well as the proposed repairs, and your technician should be able to answer any questions you have before starting the repair work.

Sometimes, it is not possible to perform air conditioner repairs same-day. Parts may need to be ordered or picked up from a supplier. If this is the case, a future date will be made as soon as possible to get your air conditioner repairs finished.


You rely on your air conditioning system to keep your home cool and comfortable, but your AC system requires regular maintenance to function efficiently for that to happen.

Just like any other home appliance, it’s normal for your air conditioning unit to experience some wear and tear from regular use and develop mechanical problems at some point during its lifetime.

Keeping your system up and running smoothly requires proper attention to its maintenance and service needs. System maintenance can also save you money and headaches from unexpected breakdowns that can leave you sweaty and fuming!

Acme Ac offers monthly HVAC Membership Plans to help keep your units maintained and lower the chance for costly air conditioning repairs.