What Is The Difference Between a Residential and Commercial HVAC?

Deciding if you need a residential or commercial HVAC system for your business or church is easy. The place to start is to know the differences in the systems. Let’s break down the differences between commercial, residential and when to choose one system over another.

The first major difference is the size. Residential HVAC units are much smaller compared to commercial systems. Commercial HVAC systems are larger because they are generally employed to cool much larger spaces. Spaces like warehouses, department stores, and even medium-size businesses benefit from these larger systems. Large buildings that have partitioned off rooms like schools and churches may need a battery of residential units to climate control each room.

The placement of commercial HVAC systems is very different from residential ones. Generally, the residential system will be in the backyard or alongside the building, church or school. However, with commercial and industrial systems the units are generally placed on top of the building. This is space-saving as well keeps most of the noise pollution out of the building.

Commercial HVAC systems require greater drainage systems. They are cooling larger spaces and this means that additional moisture is cycling through the system. This means that a whole drainage system needs to be installed alongside the commercial system. Residential systems have smaller drainage systems, but when using several systems for a church then the drainage systems for each can be placed all around the building.

The maintenance cost of commercial HVAC systems is more than a standalone residential unit for various reasons, such as the complexity of components, the size of the system and the difference in the mechanism. For a commercial unit, you need highly experienced and skilled technicians to ensure a perfect installation, efficient maintenance, and energy efficiency. Different HVAC technicians specialize in different HVAC systems as both the units feature a unique mechanism and function differently.

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