rain fall

How Does Rain Impact Your AC Unit

Getting right to the facts, the rain has very little effect on your AC unit, central or window. In fact, a little rain can be beneficial to the unit by removing debris and lowering the temperature of the compressor. This allows the unit to run more efficiently.

Built Tough

Your outdoor AC unit is designed to withstand most rain patterns. The system is made with durable materials that resist rust and corrosion. The electrical components of the system are insulated from the wet and humidity. This means that even in torrential downpours your unit is safe.

Window Units

Window units need some special precautions taken. When installing a window unit you want to make sure that the system is properly sealed. The unit itself does not mind a little rain but with it essentially being placed in an open window you want to make sure that the rain stays out of your home.

There Are some Concerns

It is not all sunshine and rainbows. If your AC unit is submerged during a flood, that causes it to break. Also, flash flooding can overwhelm electrical insulation and cause a shortage in the system. Also, rain can cause surges and shortages to the home’s electrical. If this happens frequently, essentially turning the unit off and on rapidly, it can cause the unit to need some of the components replaced.

If you anticipate this kind of rain, then take some precautions. Turn the unit off at the thermostat and the breaker.

You want your home to be as comfortable and inviting as possible. Acme AC can help you change the climate of your home for the better.