Duct Cleaning Service

in the Longview & Tyler, TX Areas

Your home’s conditioned air travels through the ductwork in your home, spreading cool or warm air throughout your home. Particles in the air tend to collect in the air ducts and—if the air filters are not changed often enough, or the ducts have leaks—this accumulation can be substantial. Periodic duct cleaning every few years can significantly reduce the amount of dust, pollen, and other particles present in the ductwork, making your home more comfortable—especially for those with allergies or asthma.

At Acme Air Conditioning & Heating, we provide complete duct cleaning and maintenance services throughout Tyler, Longview, and the surrounding areas, as well as comprehensive air conditioning, heating, air quality, and commercial HVAC services. Our experienced, certified professionals take pride in their work and offer a superior customer service experience.

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Signs You Need Air Duct Cleaning in the Tyler, TX Area

In most homes, it is a good idea to have the ducts cleaned every three to five years to remove dust, pollen, dander, and other irritants. As air travels through the ductwork, it can distribute these contaminants throughout your home, aggravating conditions like allergies, asthma, or bronchitis. If you live in an especially dusty area, or one with a significant population of allergen-producing plants, you may consider cleaning the ducts slightly more often. It might be time to schedule an appointment with a professional air duct cleaning service if you notice:

  • Visible dust accumulation on vents
  • Air filters needing frequent replacement or cleaning
  • Increased allergy or asthma symptoms
  • Excessive dust throughout the home
  • Musty smells or foul odor
  • Increased heating and cooling costs

When you are ready for duct cleaning, contact our team at Acme Air Conditioning & Heating. We have the knowledge and equipment necessary to thoroughly clean and disinfect your duct system, reducing allergens and dust, while making your air healthier. To learn more, contact us today!

What Are the Benefits of Duct Cleaning?

Duct cleaning can have many benefits for East Texas homeowners, including:

  • Better indoor air quality. With fewer contaminants in the duct system, your air quality can improve significantly, along with your comfort.
  • Reduced allergy symptoms. With fewer pollen, dust, dander, and other particles in your home, those who have allergies will likely have fewer or less severe symptoms.
  • Reduced energy costs. Dust and other particles can inhibit airflow and clog air filters, so by removing them, your heating and cooling systems can run more efficiently—possibly reducing your utility costs.
  • Easier cleaning. With less dust, it will be far easier to keep your home clean.

Our Duct Cleaning Services near Longview, TX

At Acme Air Conditioning & Heating, we use professional grade equipment to thoroughly clean your ductwork, removing a variety of particles and microbes, including:

  • Dust
  • Pet dander
  • Pollen
  • Mold spores
  • Dust mites
  • Insect droppings
  • Rodent droppings
  • Bacteria and other microbes
  • Strange odors
  • And more!

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