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How Often Should I Get AC Unit Maintenance?

Staying Prepared With AC Servicing

Good air conditioning maintenance is what gets us through our hot Longview summers. No one knows the importance of a working AC better than someone who’s faced triple-digit heat.

Acme Air Conditioning & Heating provides Longview, TX, with our trusted AC maintenance services so that your unit can stay in shape all year long. What many don’t know is that deciding when to schedule services isn’t always clear-cut.

Your home and AC system are unique, and that affects your maintenance needs. Read on to see how you can schedule AC maintenance to fit your unit’s needs and keep that cooling comfort flowing!

The Advantages Of AC Maintenance Services

Do you like cutting energy costs, preventing unit breakdowns and staying comfortable? Chances are your answer to all three is yes. You’re in luck because air conditioner servicing with Acme Air Conditioning & Heating will provide you with exactly that!

The best part about getting service visits with Acme AC is that you can have your AC system optimized and cared for on a regular basis. That means your unit will be getting the benefits of proper maintenance every year. Here are just some of the advantages you can look forward to:

  • Better comfort and air quality
  • Improved cooling efficiency
  • Greatly reduced energy wastage
  • Less costly repairs
  • Extended unit life expectancy

Losing cooling due to a sudden breakdown can be a nightmare, especially here in Longview. To make sure AC malfunctions don’t sneak up on you, you can make use of Acme AC’s trusted maintenance services.

How Often Should My AC Be Serviced?

Since consistent AC maintenance visits are so important, when should you schedule them? You may have heard that a yearly AC maintenance service is the way to go.

While this is a good idea, it might not always be enough. Where a homeowner lives, the state of their unit and their own well-being are all factors that can affect one’s home cooling needs.

Staying Seasonal

Climate plays a big part in your home’s livability, and Longview just so happens to be in one of the hottest states in the country. No matter the season, Texas weather can catch us off-guard, which is why frequent air conditioner servicing is so important here.

We recommend HVAC tune-ups at least twice a year — once in the spring and in the fall. Temperature changes can happen quickly, so seasonal services can keep your home ready for the months ahead. A summer AC breakdown could leave you without cooling amidst scorching heat. With a spring service from Acme AC, your system will be all set to tackle the heat at its worst.

Know Your Unit

No two AC units are identical — whether it be their model, where they’re placed or how they’re used. By better knowing the state of your AC, you can arrange service visits to keep it in good health.

Manufacturer recommendations can often show that your unit might be in need of more frequent servicing. If yours is an old model, it might need more consistent attention or even a replacement. In some cases, warranty coverage might have certain maintenance requirements — don’t hesitate to ask your Acme AC service technician if you’re unsure.

If your AC is seeing high usage — such as in a Longview summer — more consistent maintenance might be needed. For instance, did you know that higher usage can make the filter dirtier much faster? Especially with our hot Texas summers, just one or two services a year might not be enough to keep your home comfortable.

Have A Healthy Home

Responsible AC maintenance is a deciding factor for your health, even if it might not seem like it. Your AC filter is what keeps pollen, dust, mold and other particles out of your home. Remember how quickly your filter can get clogged up? A dirty filter can mean a house invaded by allergens.

With regular AC maintenance services, you’ll be safeguarded from those nasty spring allergens. Your AC unit will thrive and your indoor air quality will be improved, like a real breath of fresh air!

Get Your Next Supreme Service With Acme AC

Tackling that fierce Texas heat doesn’t have to be a worry with Acme AC’s air conditioning maintenance services. If you’re scheduling services to help guard your home from the heat, then you deserve to be calling in the team perfect for the job.

Who else but Acme Air Conditioning & Heating? To see how our service technicians can take your home cooling to the next level, give us a call!

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