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Explaining The Weird Smells Coming From Your AC

AC Repair Longview Can Count On

Longview homeowners must take care of their air conditioning units and keep up with regular maintenance to prevent problems from happening. Sometimes, there can be issues with odd smells and odors coming from a unit. Weird smells indicate that something is wrong with your AC unit – like a gas leak or electrical malfunction.

Having odd odors come from your unit is a concern that should be fixed as soon as possible. When your air conditioner smells, it’s best to contact the professionals at Acme Air Conditioning & Heating! We’re here to provide efficient AC repair services for residents of Longview and surrounding areas.

Why Does My AC Smell?

When there are issues with your air conditioner, it can come in the form of an aroma from your AC unit. These kinds of odors can be signs of very serious issues with your system, but it’s best to know what could be causing problems as a whole. Some causes for strange smells can be:

  • A full drain pan
  • Evaporator coil problems
  • Gas leaks
  • Excess moisture in unit
  • Dirty air filters
  • Overheating or overuse

These issues tend to have different odors based on the problem. When there are smells coming from your air conditioner, you’ll want to have our experienced technicians assess your system.

Air Conditioner Smells And Their Meaning

An odd smell from your system is a sign of a malfunctioning air conditioning unit. When these issues are happening, it’s best to have our team address them as soon as possible.

Mildew-Like Aroma From Cooling System

When there is a moldy smell coming from your system, that is a serious problem. Moisture issues can cause mildew to form within your unit. Clogged condensate lines and duct leaks can cause mold to form, creating the scent in your household.

When your home is showing any of these signs, contact our experts at Acme Air Conditioning & Heating! You can trust us to handle your system and clear out buildup.

Burning Smell From AC

Texas is no stranger to hot outdoor conditions, but a household heating system is crucial during the winter. When your cooling system isn’t used as frequently during colder seasons, dust can accumulate on the machinery. Once it’s turned on for the changing season, it may create a burning aroma as the dust burns off.

This smell is temporary and should go away within a few minutes. If the aroma lingers longer, you may have an electrical issue with your system. One of our licensed professionals should handle your system if HVAC electricity issues are a possible concern.

Air Conditioner Smells Like Rotten Eggs

A rotten egg or skunk-like aroma in your home is dangerous. These aromas indicate a gas leak is present in your home. If you notice this odor in your home, evacuate to safe space and contact emergency services for assistance.

How To Prevent Air Conditioner Odors

So, how can you prevent these problems? The best way to prevent this issue as a whole is by caring for and monitoring your system. Making sure that your unit stays dust-free and that your air filters are replaced every one to three months is a simple form of regular upkeep. Another good way to prevent odors is by keeping up with regular vent and duct cleanings in your home.

When your unit isn’t operating as efficiently as it should be, consider investing in a new system! Acme Air Conditioning & Heating is here to provide heating service across Longview, TX!

Solve Your AC Problems With Acme Air Conditioning & Heating!

Keeping an eye on serious problems with your AC unit is important for Longview residents. Acme Air Conditioning & Heating is prepared to provide AC repair services to boost your system’s efficiency. We’re here to help keep your home smelling nice and your system in the best condition it can be in. Contact us today for air conditioning repair that doesn’t disappoint!

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