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What Is Considered An AC Emergency?

Learn When To Schedule A Longview AC Emergency Service

While anyone who has experienced the Texas heat knows how refreshing a functioning air conditioning system is, you likely don’t want to spend money on HVAC services we don’t need. While home maintenance can fix minor issues, emergencies warrant AC repair services from a licensed technician.

If you’re not sure if your AC not working is an emergency, Acme Air Conditioning & Heating is here to help! We offer professional air conditioner repair Longview, TX, can count on. We aim to help keep your house cool in stuffy situations. Read on to learn what circumstances are considered AC repair emergencies.

Is AC Not Working An Emergency?

Occasionally, your cooling system may experience issues that are more of an inconvenience than an emergency. However, if your unit isn’t working and the temperatures are high, the problem can become hazardous. Understanding what troubles indicate an emergency repair service will help you determine when to contact our HVAC technicians for assistance.

A Lack Of Airflow

The most obvious sign your cooling system is broken is a lack of cool air running through your home. When you notice a lack of airflow, check that your thermostat and circuit breaker are working. If they’re both functioning correctly, the issue may require an expert fix.

When your cooling unit runs without producing cold air, it uses your house’s energy without performing its job. You may notice that your energy bill is growing even if your system isn’t working! The best choice may be to invest in a professional repair for a quick and dependable solution, especially if the outdoor temperatures are high.

High Temperatures

If your unit stops working, an easy response is to open your windows. However, the problem may worsen if the air outside is just as stifling. A broken AC is a significant emergency when members of your household are susceptible to excessive heat. People who are vulnerable to high temperatures include:

  • Babies and toddlers
  • The elderly
  • Immunocompromised individuals

If the temperature outside is 90 degrees or higher, contact our professionals as soon as your air conditioning system shows signs of stopping.

Strange Sounds

Weird noises can be creepy to hear and may signal a large problem for your HVAC appliance. Some sounds you may encounter include:

  • Clicking: While clicking is normal when your machine turns on, an ongoing sound can signify a malfunctioning thermostat.
  • Buzzing: A buzzing noise may be caused by leaking refrigerant or an electrical malfunction.
  • Hissing: Hissing sounds result from refrigerant leaks, which are hazardous if not corrected by a professional technician.

While simple repairs can silence some sounds, others have dangerous consequences. If you notice an unsettling racket, turn off your unit and call Acme Air Conditioning & Heating ASAP.

Suspicious Odors

Just like some sounds are bad news, smells can indicate a significant issue. Mold and bacteria growth may cause an odor of mildew to emerge. A burning smell may signal a more serious problem, such as an electrical issue or fluid leak. Either possibility can be a safety issue, so call a technician when you catch a whiff of something odd!

Whether your unit is producing a racket or isn’t working at all, don’t hesitate to invest in emergency repair services when your home needs it!

Why Choose Acme Air Conditioning & Heating?

Unfortunately, air conditioning emergencies can occur at any time of day or night. That’s why Acme Air Conditioning & Heating technicians are available even outside of typical office schedules. Our 24/7 emergency AC repairs can help you fix your system, no matter when the problem occurs.

Contact Acme AC For Air Conditioner Repair Longview Can Trust

If you encounter an AC repair emergency, look no further than Acme Air Conditioning & Heating! Our experienced technicians are prepared to assist your system and help your home stay cool year-round. Contact us today for HVAC services you can count on.

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